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Dr. Dr. Michael Rössner

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LLC Translation Team

The LLC translating team consists of a worldwide network of specialised translators and proof-readers. It is impossible for us to introduce them all to you... so here are just a few examples:

Founder of our firm

Dr. Dr. Michael Rössner is Austrian. He obtained his LL.D. from Vienna University in 1978 and his Ph.D. in 1979. Since 1983 he has been a sworn interpreter and translator for the Vienna courts for the French, Italian and Spanish languages. DDr. Rössner is also a professor emeritus of Munich University (having retired as a full professor in 2019) and has taught at the Universities of Salzburg, Buenos Aires and Tucumán. He has also served also an examiner at Vienna University School of Interpreters. Besides his work in the legal field, he is the translator/editor into German of the complete works of the Italian Nobel laureate Luigi Pirandello. In 2017, he was awarded the Italian Government's National Prize of Literary Translation.

Our partners

Dr. Elisabeth-Natascha Rössner is American. She obtained her LL.D. from Vienna University in 1982. Since 1983, she has worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency; in 1990 she began working for a Vienna law firm and, in 1997, assumed responsibility for customer care at LLC and our PR department.

Mag. Marie Theres Pitner is Austrian and has an M.A. degree from Vienna University. After teaching languages she went on to work for the Austrian Academy of Sciences, where she translated a host of scientific works and also worked in publishing. She joined LLC in 1998 and now organises our firm's quality control, together with Dr. Elisabeth N. Rössner.

Our translators (selection)

Michael Walker, BA., JD., holds US and British citizenship and, after having lived 20 years in the UK, moved to the Republic of Ireland (EU) in 2017. Mr. Walker studied German language and literature at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (BA, 1991) and continued with law school at that same institution (JD, 1994). Upon graduation, he passed the Virginia bar exam and was licensed as an attorney-at-law that same year. From 1994 to 2006 he worked in a major international law firm in the US and Europe, where he frequently was called upon to prepare legal translations. It was during this period that he also began a side-line as a freelance legal translator (German-English) in his free time. In 2006, Mr Walker left the practice of law and became a full-time legal translator. He was awarded the ITI's annual "John Hayes Prize" in 2005 for that year's best translation exam in any language combination. He has collaborated with LLC Rössner on translations and quality control on an ongoing basis since 2006.

Dott. Mag. Paolo Sturm is Italian. He studied in Vienna and Trieste and has worked successfully as a translator and interpreter for eight years. He joined the LLC team in 1993 and is now responsible not only for preparing Italian translations but also for carrying out quality control for Italian and French translations.

Our team: translation expertise in concentrated form

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