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Dr. Dr. Michael Rössner

Our System

The LLC Translation System

The LLC translating system is very simple and adds just some additional steps of Quality Control.

Within our team, we only use specialists who translate into their native language within their specific fields of interest. With global communications made possible via the Internet, we are able to ensure not only that the translator is a native speaker but also that he is living in a country where he uses that target language in everyday life; indeed, all languages change constantly, as we do.

Moreover, legal texts can sometimes be difficult to understand unless you are a trained lawyer acquainted with the special formulations used in a specific country. So the second step involves proof-reading by a person trained in law from the country of the original text.

In a third step, a final proof-reading is carried out by a native speaker once again of the target language. While the result can never be absolutely perfect, it will be closer to perfection than any ordinary translation. That, too, is something you can be sure of with LLC.

Multi-level quality control guarantees an optimum result

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