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Dr. Dr. Michael Rössner

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We believe in more than just translating - we provide foreign language consulting.

That is how we ensure that our clients get precisely the type of text they need: either a strict, word-for-word translation or a transposition that takes account of the differences between the various legal systems as well as everyday realities in different parts of the world.

In any event, you are entitled to expect that a team of specialised legal translators such as DDr. Rössner and colleagues will alert you to problems and pitfalls - to legal passages that are difficult or impossible to transpose precisely into the target language or that are likely to be construed differently under your counterparty's legal system... or even to scrivener's errors in the contract you want translated, which need to be corrected before signing.

While no-one is perfect, it undoubtedly helps to have translators working for you who have an expert grasp of what they are translating. With LLC, that's something you can be sure of.

And if you require a certified translation, we can provide sworn translators, either in-house or from our team of cooperating colleagues, for all of the standard languages for which translators are court-certified in Austria.

Language consulting - the key to international success

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